Executive MAXIMAX is a wholly owned subsidiary of Executive Inn Inc. doing business as MAXIMAX


Naushér [Vice President, Brand Strategy and Communications]
Naushér earned his stripes with Advertising Agency giants DDB Intl, BBDO Asia and Frank Simoes Advertising. He has worked on both sides of the Pacific as a suit and as creative. His specialty in the advertising industry has been 5 diamond hotels and airlines. Nausher is a recipient of the Harold Kirchner Scholarship, given to the highest achiever in career programs. He has an MBA, a Bachelors degrees in Commerce and Diplomas in Advertising & Computer Systems
          --- [email Naushér] ---.    

Joyce Taylor
[Strategic Partners, Media]

Joyce and her associates are specialists in Media Strategy, Planning and Execution. Through solid research and experienced strategic thinking, we target groups with local, regional or national, broadcast and print campaigns that achieve high returns on client investments.           --- [email Joyce] ---

[Corporate Designer | Brand Coordinator]

iFen brings expertise in the areas of interactive design, graphic design and illustration. She has Bachelor degrees in her field from
McGill University and Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design.          --- [email iFen] ---

Brian Poetzschke  [Marketing Manager, Internet and Electronic Media]

Brian's expertise lies in the area of e-Communications. He specializes in Online Marketing and Internet Advertising and also has experience in Market Research and Copy Writing. Brian holds a diploma in Marketing from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.
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Michi Dalby
[Strategic Partner, Printing]

Michi is a specialist in printing. She will coordinate print production on all high-end collateral work including your Hotel Brochure.
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Aldo Rivera + Photographers
[Brand Photographers]

Aldo Rivera is the Executive Brand Photographer. In addition, Executive Maximax has a pool of 3 photographers who specialize in architectural photography. Their work adorns the collateral and advertising of the Executive Hotels.         --- [email Aldo] -

QUESTIONS ? Naushér | Nash Banaji:: info@executivemaximax.com or Tel.604.642.5256
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