Executive MAXIMAX is a wholly owned subsidiary of Executive Inn Inc. doing business as MAXIMAX




1) Customer Focus: The new executivehotels.net website is designed to keep our target 'generation e' audience in the crosshairs.
:: The hotel guest is our #1 priority. Information on the new website has been grouped and prioritized based upon his or her needs. The top toolbar features 4 buttons most prominently: Find a hotel, Packages, Reservations, and Rewards. A typical hotel guest wants information in these 4 general areas.
Next in priority for the typical hotel guest are 4 areas as they relate to hotels in general and the Executive Experience in particular: Business facilities, leisure facilities, dining and meeting facilities as they relate to the Executive chain as a whole. From here the customer is "funneled" to the property of his or her choice.
:: Company Information for the company's stakeholders like suppliers, shareholders, prospective employees are addressed through a set of "subdued" buttons on the top tool bar.

2) Architecture & Navigation: Simplicity is key. Super "grouping" of content & organizing content (in terms of menu toolbars/ image palettes/ information banks /interaction tools) make navigating around the new website child's play.
:: Interactive: The new website invites action from the customer: everything from booking a room to filling a corporate application form is simple and aimed at the bottom line.

3) Full screen: The Executive website opens full screen in its own separate window. You have none of the distractions of the Microsoft or Netscape browser window --which is conveniently tucked away behind the Executive website; easy to get to with the click of a mouse yet not cluttering the Executive Experience.

4) Property Specific Content: Content reigns supreme on the new executivehotels.net website. The quantity and quality of information on each Executive property is exhaustive yet easy to find.

5) Visual Brand: The new executivehotels.net website summarizes the expression of what the company is and how it feels about itself.
:: Music: The choice of music is a critical one. We want a tune that gives the brand a "world" feel, beyond categories of western and eastern: we want sophistication without superciliousness. We want a unique sound that fits the image of the brand.
:: Flash Intro:'You never get a second chance to make a first impression.' The purpose of the flash intro is to set the stage for what follows on the website and create a platform for the Executive Brand to stand on. The images and tag lines used in the introduction dovetail with the Executive Brand advertising.
:: Colours: The colours used in the website are our corporate brand colours of copper, black and white.
:: Style: simple, elegant, classic design that reflects the image of the Executive Brand.
:: Pixel Power: In line with ecommunication's signature use of imagery to attract attention and create impact, the new website is very visual > the visuals intrigue us to read the text and communicate our message completely and with style.

6) Media Convergence & Image Consistency: The new website is in complete convergence with every aspect of Executive advertising: why? Because reiteration reinforces belief and behavior, and beliefs are the most simple but powerful expression of the Executive brand.

7) Where are the Scroll Bars? The website is created and the text edited so no information is hidden. Thus (if your monitor is set at the default 800 X 600 and up) no scroll bars show up.
:: The website has been programmed to adjust to your monitor size automatically. At ideal screen display settings of 800 X 600 and up the website will show no scroll bars because nothing is hidden from view and thus there is no need to scroll.
:: At settings below 800 X 600 the scrollbars appear automatically.
:: To adjust display settings go to settings/control panel/ display/ settings/ screen area>>pull slider to the right. According to stats released for April 2002, 86% of monitors have screen settings of 800 X 600 and above.

8) Page numbers instead of scrolls: The few sections which are very text-intensive like Company Info have been broken into user-friendly easy-to-read paragraphs and pages. The reader navigates by clicking the page number at the bottom of right corner of the page 1234.


1) "Let me print this for your trip." Customers and prospects can print the info on any page by clicking Print Page at the bottom of every property page. Customers can print directions to your property and the map with a click of the Print Map button.

2) Find A Hotel: The customer can select a hotel one of two ways in the Find A Hotel Page: 1. From the list of properties arranged alphabetically. 2. From the map. If you move your cursor over the map you will see the picture of the hotel and the location map of the hotel appears.


1) Fast Download: The new website clocks some of the fastest download times among websites of its class.

2) Cross Platform Browser: windows and mac compatible to capture everyone in our e generation.
QUESTIONS ? Naushér | Nash Banaji:: info@executivemaximax.com or Tel.604.642.5256
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